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In Exhibits

By sean

Plan-It-X Fest Art Show

On 30, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Exhibits | By sean

The Plan-It-X Fest Art Show opening was tons of fun…

I’m exited to be in the show with some of my favorites including:¬†Matt Tobey, Erin Tobey, Megan March Mink, Nate Powell, Ryan Woods, Chris Clavin, Emily Timm, Rebecca Redman, Izzy Jarvis, and Alan Crenshaw.


The show is corresponding with the Plan-It-X Fest in Bloomington, IN. ¬†Here’s Megan March Mink in the Street Eaters is playing some incredible songs at the fest.



Ryan Woods included these precious drawings.


I loved Matt Tobey’s drawings!


Erin Tobey made these fun vignettes.


Rich Diem included some of his rad collage flier art and they had interactive sounds!


If you’re in Bloomington, IN this month, go and have a look!