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Sugar Splice

Tulip Storm

Somewhere in Moonligt

Record 2

I Don’t Think I’ll Hold You Close, I’ll Just Hold You Responsible

Half-full of Emptiness

Temporarily Obscured

A Shadow of the Future

Like Raindrops

The Vanishing Thread

The New Infinite

Tea for Two

Elderflower Juice

Referentially Transparent

rendered obsolete

rendered indissoluble

rendered docile

rendered normal

rendered passive

the eclipse of reason

sometimes to flower means to die

girl and record

girl and scissors

invisible thread 2

girl and bicycle

upcoming shows & other news:

-April 25th, 2024 - "Imagine a Sound" Solo show - Antler Gallery - Portland

-November 2024 - Solo show - Outré Gallery - Melbourne, Australia

--More to come!

Soft at Nucleus Portland

18th October 2023 by sean

Opening November 4th at Nucleus Portland

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