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rendered obsolete

rendered indissoluble

rendered instrumental

rendered docile

rendered normal

rendered subordinate

rendered passive

subject rendered object

object rendered subject

rendered invisible

the eclipse of reason

the continuous thread

the excluded middle

sometimes to flower means to die

girl and lemons

girl and record

girl and scissors

between two waves

invisible threads 1

invisible thread 2

invisible thread 3

invisible threads 6

sewing 6

girl and bicycle

sewing 4

upcoming shows & other news:


-July 2016 - mini solo show - Indiefjord - Norway

-October 2016 -solo show - Thinkspace Gallery

-December 2016 - Scope Miami - with Thinkspace

--More to come!

Solo show at Thinkspace Gallery

9th September 2016 by sean

Upcoming this October 15 at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles my solo show “Rendered Problematic” opens! Read more…

LAX/ORD curated by Thinkspace

9th September 2016 by sean

I’ll have a new painting on view at LAX/ORD at Vertical Gallery in Chicago. Read more…

Indiefjord 2016 in Bjørke Norway

9th September 2016 by sean

I’ll have a mini solo show at Indiefjord 2016 in Bjørke, Norway. Read more…